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The winners of the Automotive Lean Production Awards 2021 have been announced!

The countdown for the Automotive Lean Production Awards, which will be presented for the fifteenth time during the two-day congress in November 2021 at the Škoda Museum in Mladá Boleslva, Czech Republic, has begun.

The winners of the renowned Lean Awards have been announced. The following plants were able to succeed in the international competition:

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Due to the pandemic, last year's congress could not take place. Together with IVECO Valladolid, we organized our first Online Benchmark Visit in November 2020. Two countries, two hosts, two speakers and more than 120 participants proved that a physical distance doesn't mean that exchanging excellent ideas and concepts cannot take place. IVECO showed us why they deserve the Automotive Lean Production Award 2019 in the category OEM and also that COVID-19 can be a booster for Industry 4.0.

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