CNH Industrial, Iveco, plant Valladolid

The jury's statement

„They always blaze new creative paths” – this is how the culture in the Valladolid plant can be described.

Although already having a very high value stream performance – Valladolid was awarded the WCM Gold status in 2019 – they are not satisfied with the existing and proven things. Certainly, the refinement of the existing and proven World Class Manufacturing (WCM), the FCA Group production system is being pushed further and further. As in all of the FCA Group plants that have been evaluated by us so far, the absolute focus lies on the elimination of waste, leading to the Cost Deployment WCM module.

Costs: Every year, the plant has to eliminate 6% of waste from the processes. This is relatively easy in the first few years, but after more than 10 years, this objective for a "1-Deviate plant" can not be achieved unless you break new ground.

The plant has been actively working on the Ideal Production System since 2017. For this purpose, there is a separate strategy room where all leaders of the WCM module get together to shape the plant's future. Innovative approaches such as the honeycomb Ideal Production Layout have been shared with the evaluation team. The room is accessible to all employees and, not least because of this, is visually designed. This is also where the plant's strategy is communicated to all the employees. In this context, the evaluation team was especially pleased by the large strategy wall including the 3 dimensions Customer & Product (KPIs: Market Share, Warranty), Process & Technology (KPIs: Plant Savings, Best Practices) und People (KPIs: Suggestions for improvement, Fluctuation, Awards) as well as the link to the individual roadmaps of the individual WCM modules.

The evaluation team also was enthusiastic about the Soft Skill Academy. It was initiated against the background of the VUCA Environment (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) to develop the soft skills of all employees (all areas/all levels) so that cooperation (communication, teamwork) improves, the employees actively approach changes, thus achieving the plant's objectives more effectively.

The Valladolid plant is "Best Practice Leader" in the CNH Industrial Group. Although far from being the plant with the most employees, it is the plant that generates the most best practices for other plants and, also uses the most best practices of other plants. This not only applies to intelligent low-cost solutions such as one of the smartest assembly trolley seen so far, but also to apps or complete software applications (e.g. maintenance), some of which were developed by the specialist departments on their own initiative.

The Valladolid plant is doing very well when it comes to taking advantage of the opportunities offered by Industry 4.0 without abandoning lean principles. Virtual Reality has been introduced for training purposes since 2017 and has been rolled out with great success ever since. The virtual compass room as control centre of cost deployment always provides current data from production and logistics – to the greatest possible extent synchronized with the ERP data. The use of intelligent AGVs and additive manufacturing processes is standard in the plant and nothing particularly unusual.

Last but not least, the spirit of the management team that is transferred to the team, should to be highlighted. Without this spirit, the successes of the past would not have been possible. Thanks to that, we can look forward to many best practices from the Valladolid plant.


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