VW Navarra SA, plant Pamplona, Spain

Statement of the jury

"They are always breaking new creative ground" - this is how the culture at the VW Navarra S.A. plant can be described. The management team impessed with its broad positioning on innovation topics. The plant is managed using meaningful key figures and the output of the factory is measured towards 100%. Any deviation is tracked and used as a starting point for further improvements.

It is also worth highlighting the absolute focus on waste elimination, which manifests itself in cost deployment. The efficiency enhancement achieved in the past would not have been possible without breaking new ground.

The evaluation team is enthusiastic about the "Suma 2.0" approach, which reduces picking errors to almost 0. In addition to picking accuracy, sustainability also plays an important role, as the original dolly sheets have been replaced by electronic readers on the dollies, which are updated based on the pearl chain stored in the ERP system and thus operate paperless. With this concept, production and logistics are largely synchronized. The use of intelligent AGVs and additive manufacturing processes is standard at the VW Navarra plant and is no longer an exception.

The VW Navarra S.A. plant convinces with the idea of using opportunities from Industry 4.0 without throwing lean principles overboard. This was particularly evident in the use of 3D printers for the production of installation aids. The consistent implementation of 3P workshops prior to the launch of new models goes in the same direction, whereby the processes and material provision can be optimized even before SOP and employees can be trained accordingly. This results in a considerable time and efficiency advantage compared to traditional process planning.

Shopfloor management is practiced continuously, so that cooperation (communication, teamwork) improves, employees actively address changes and plant goals are thus achieved more effectively. SFM also includes structured problem solving, which contributes to further improvement of efficiency and cost reduction.

Last but not least, the spirit of the management teams must be emphasized, which is transferred to the team. Without this spirit, the successes of the past would not have been possible. Thus, we can look forward to many best practices from the Pamplona plant in the future.

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