Special Award: BU-Transformation Learning Organization

Feintool System Parts Europe, Germany

Statement of the jury

Feintool operates worldwide in the fine blanking business segment - both as a supplier of equipment and tools as well as a provider of fine blanked, shaped steel components and stamped electrical sheet products.

The System Parts Europe business unit offers its customers the complete production of gearbox safety drive parts and electrical sheets for electric cars. It was reorganized in 2020 after the two previous series production business units in Europe were merged. It was now necessary to develop the individual plants into an effective and efficient unit, which on the one hand further expands the respective strengths and on the other hand creates overarching synergies. The guideline for this was and still is: Central coordination when it is both reasonable and efficient and not for its own sake.

The jury recognized that the BU is on a very good path to becoming a learning organization - a path that will never end:

  • Mindset of management levels is synchronized
  • Target image of BU is understood and supported by everyone
  • Necessary overarching structures and processes are implemented
  • Coordinated projects/focuses of individual units according to their respective strengths lead to an optimal allocation of resources
  • Best practice sharing between the units is established

The success of this work is reflected in their results. Despite COVID-19, the BU was able to realize EbIT increases from the second half of 2020, which were achieved in particular by the fruitful synergies.

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