Automotive Lean Production - Award & Study

Automotive Lean Production - Award & Study

The future is digital. And so is the Lean Award.

Being among the best requires continuous improvement. It is proven that a key success factor is the strong and holistic implementation of Lean Production and Lean Management.

Thanks to 13 years of Automotive Lean Production Award & Study initiative, many companies in the industry are now well positioned. But does it mean that they are ready for the future?

The Automotive industry in Germany as well as worldwide is experiencing the greatest transformation in its history. This transformation deeply affects factories of car manufacturer and suppliers. The automotive industry is obliged to push transformation in production and logistics forward. In fact, some of the plants that participated in the past studies, are already one step ahead: digitization allows them to operate more efficiently and effectively, and thus to set themselves apart from their competition.

This is a good enough reason for us to reposition the established Lean Award in its 14th year towards Industry 4.0. and take the automotive industry to the next level - because digitization will be the crucial topic in the next years.

Secured future requires digitizations

Manufacturer and supplier factories are increasingly driven by the customer needs. The growing individuality leads to more variants and shorter life cycles and, as a consequence, to a lot more product ramp-ups. Social expectations for climate-friendly mobility forces new product technologies which lead to new production technologies. Operation is confronted with the questions:

  • Which innovations in production and logistics will safeguard the own future?
  • How can digitization fulfill the expectations and pursue the purpose of lean production?

Learning from the best!

As of today, there are companies that already embrace digitization based on strong and lean processes, reaching tremendous gain in efficiency by doing so.

We all should learn from those insights: Which are the key success factors for a successful symbiosis between lean and digitization? How does all employees become part of this journey? What influence does digitalization have on the factory workers?

The study Automotive Lean Production 2019 will help understanding which elements of digitization have proven themselves when it comes to leverage additional efficiency improvements in the value chain and which implementation strategies seem to be the more promising. 

Use this opportunity to improve organization performance and participate in the study 2019!

You don`t have to be perfectly positioned right now in terms of lean and digitization to take part in the 14th Automotive Lean Production Award & Study. All companies will benefit from the participation:

  • By completing the questionnaire, you focus on significant factors of success that tend to get out of sight in everyday life.
  • An individual evaluation gives you a clear indication of the degree to which lean and digitization is implemented in your organization.

Best-Performers benefit even more
Each year bout 20% of the participants are nominated for one of the awards after evaluation of the questionnaire and benefit from a free on-site evaluation by manufacturing experts. The final feedback discussion promises to deliver decision-makers significant impetus.

The ceremony of this year’s Automotive Lean Production Award will be hosted by Volkswagen AG in Wolfsburg, last year’s Award winner in the category OEM. As part of the festive award ceremony, this year’s winners will be receiving their awards.

As part of the festive award ceremony this year’s winners will be awarded in the following categories:

  • OEM
  • Supplier
  • Special Award “Lean Transformation“
  • Special Award “Smart Digital Operations”
  • Special Award “Digital Culture”

The Automotive Lean Production Awards are a confirmation of the work done by your team and an important signal of quality to the market, as well as to the job market.

Digitization as a key success factor – get into the next stage now

Regardless what progress has been made up to now (towards achieving your aims), take the next step now and participate in the free Automotive Lean Production – Award & Study! Get your participation documents now!

You will find the questionnaire as PDF-Download file here
The questionnaire will be downloaded automatically.

Please send the completed questionnaire via Email to lean.award(at)
If you have any questions, please contact Marija Benza
phone: +49 89 44 388 99 44

Take the opportunity to optimize your organization!