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Objective of the Initiative

Learning from the best!

Automobil Produktion and Agamus Consult are carrying out the Automotive Lean Production study for the 14th time this year. The best performers of the study will be awarded the Automotive Lean Production Award.


Agamus Consult and Automobil Produktion started to analyze the Toyota myth in the spring of 2006. At this time, the automotive industry was still amazed about how Toyota was pushing its suppliers to "0-defect" and just-in-time (JIT). This scepticism has disappeared in the meantime and the entire industry has started to design its value chains according to the principles of lean production systems - and this with such a success, that even made the "master" Toyota sit up.
The initiative Automotive Lean Production – Award & Study accompanies the development of Lean Production and Lean Management in Europe together with the participants:

  • more than 1.200 participating plants from 17 nations
  • more than 250 on-site-evaluations at top performing plants
  • 72 winning plants in total

The questionnaire is built on the practical knowledge of over 800 successful Agamus projects and is further developed annually on the basis of a Lessons Learned process. Thus, it is ideally suited as template for the comprehensive measurement of one's own degree of maturity with regard to lean and digitalization.

Automotive Lean Production – Award & Study
is a cooperation between the magazine Automobil Produktion and Agamus Consult GmbH, Munich. Agamus Consult has served automotive enterprises as an implementation consultancy for more than 20 years.

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