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Application procedure, benefits, results

Application procedure

After analysis of the questionnaires, the top performers – candidates for the Automotive Lean Production Award – will be visited for further analysis and on-site validation of the results. In a personal feedback session you will have the opportunity to discuss your strengths and potential improvements with our experts. The most 'Lean' and efficient plants will be awarded at the Automotive Lean Production Congress and will also be presenting their award-winning projects and strategies.

Benefit for participants

Based on the individual analysis, each participating factory can draw its own benchmark regarding the application of Lean methods, the use of digitized applications (Smart Applications) and the results achieved.

Comprehensive self-reflection
Beyond benchmarking the questionnaire focusses on a variety of success factors, which were developed based on the experience of more than 15 years Automotive Lean Production – Award & Study by Agamus Consult. The critical analysis helps to identify blind spots at the approach in every stage of Lean implementation.

External Feedback on request
Agamus Consult offers, upon request and against replacement of the travel costs, an independent evaluation visit to those companies that have not been nominated.


The Study allows a direct comparison with the “best in class“: All participants will receive an individualized analysis including international benchmarking on request.

The participation is free of charge.

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